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  • This application is for all HerTomorrow events (including HerTomorrow, HerTomorrow Educator, etc.).
  • Speeches must be 8-12 minute in length.
  • Speeches must be original to the speaker.
  • Scripts and/or notes are not permitted. Speeches will be give from memory.
  • Speeches must illuminate and/or uplift the state of women, today and tomorrow.
  • The speaker must have a unique and personal connection to the topic, or be a recognized authority in the field.
  • Topics can include pretty much anything related to the state of women – business, leadership, home life, travel, politics, religion, the future, etc.
  • Partisan political discussion will not be permitted.
  • Respect will be shown for diverse views, faiths, lifestyles, ethnicities, abilities, gender/sexuality, and all other aspects of the human condition.
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